The school aims to educate the children making no discrimination of caste, creed and gender with the following objectives -

1. To draw out the latent potential mental & physical for creative purposes.
2. To enhance their mental and physical capacity so that they may fit themselves into the ever -
changing social system.
3. To inculcate a sense of co-operation, collaboration and coexistence so that they may
maintain harmony in the society.
4. To provide them a strong moral background to check the erosion of values.
5. To impart education in such a way that their appetite for knowledge is ignited and an insight
into the subject is developed.
6. To train up them in Yoga, Games & Sports which may develop in them leadership quality with
sound health.
7. To cultivate a sense of nationality and feelings of indianity to preserve and continue our

• We wish students should inculcate in them devotion towards the teachers and the school what
“ARUNI” had
• They should be wise enough as “YUDISTHARA” was.
• They Should have a sense of patriotism as “BHARAT” had.
• They should be intelligent enough as “SUKHDEO” was
• Parents / Guardians should have co-operation towards the organization as “DASHARATHA” had
towards “VASHISTHA

The school management has laid the following rules to facilitate the smooth go of school activities and for the good of students:-
A minimum of 80% presence in one academic year is a must to allow the student to appear at the Term End Exam. In case of continuous absence for 15 days without prior information the name of the student may be struck off from the register. However, a student can get relaxation if he produces sufficient evidence for that.

Any sort of indecent activities in the school premises or while coming to or going from the school will be considered to be an infringement upon the school discipline & under such circumstances disciplinary action may be taken against the student concerned. [ prior notice to the guardian in this regard is not essential )

School fee must be paid by the 10th of every month.


Our School computer Lab is well equipped with modern computers to provide our students.
The school has a spacious library for all bonafide students of the school to read magazines, story books, Newspapers etc.
The School has well equipped laboratories for different streams of science with excellent facilities for practical work.
Regional Secondary School Jeewach Chowk, Sapta,The School has its own bus service for the students of distant places
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