Education is a divine offerings that creates a man and renders him into perfection. It is a divine illumination that dispels inner darkness & makes a man enlightened. But the modern tendency of departure from spiritual approach in education is really regretting. Materialistic approach has almost eclipsed other aspects of life & the consequence is the ugly scene of the world. Though we are bound to accommodate in society yet in order to meet its challenge we need that education pattern which can produce an appropriate stuff to serve the globe.

Taking it into perception. Our Regional Secondary School is a small effort in this direction and it aims at providing education to the children in an ism-free atmosphere to let them grow into men with real identity.



R.S. Pandey
Regional Secondary School
Jeewach Chowk, Sapta, Dist.-Madhubani (Bihar)


Our School computer Lab is well equipped with modern computers to provide our students.
The school has a spacious library for all bonafide students of the school to read magazines, story books, Newspapers etc.
The School has well equipped laboratories for different streams of science with excellent facilities for practical work.
Regional Secondary School Jeewach Chowk, Sapta,The School has its own bus service for the students of distant places
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