Each child is born with a mission in his life and special talents which are peculiar to him. The purpose of education is to transform the inborn potentiality into an actuality so that by playing his role in life he may make his contribution to the society and have a sense of fulfilment of this mission.

“Education is a social process; education is growth; education is not a preparation for life but is life itself.” - John Dewey

A school is a part of a community (Society) and is therefore pivotal in imparting education to its students. Teaching is not just a set of technical skills for imparting Knowledge to students. It involves caring for children and being responsible for their development in a complex society. We Stress on imparting high moral values. Respect love, Kindness, Sympathy, Honesty, Nationality mutual empowerment Integrity are some of the qualities that we emphasis and inculcate among our children. Every effort is being taken to help the children display their talent. Our children have participated in National Children’s Science Congress held at District, State and National Level, Since its inception. The school has shown exemplary results. Our children have come with flying colours in the examinations, conducted by C.B.S.E. and other competitive test like, IIT, Medical, IIFT etc.


Manoj Kumar Jha
Regional Secondary School
Jeewach Chowk, Sapta, Dist.-Madhubani (Bihar)
Website: www.regionalsecondaryschool.edu.in

Our School computer Lab is well equipped with modern computers to provide our students.
The school has a spacious library for all bonafide students of the school to read magazines, story books, Newspapers etc.
The School has well equipped laboratories for different streams of science with excellent facilities for practical work.
Regional Secondary School Jeewach Chowk, Sapta,The School has its own bus service for the students of distant places
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